What are the hotspots on sending employees abroad?

What are the hotspots on sending employees abroad?

Your business doesn’t stop at borders nor do your employees. Being aware of all the implications that such movements can bring may nevertheless quickly become too overwhelming. We at KPMG work with you to unravel the complexities, implement practical and proven solutions to overcome the regulatory challenges and help you better manage your mobile workforce.


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  • Increased immigration restrictions
  • Reinforced collaboration between tax authorities of different countries
  • Additional reputational risks
  • Increased focus of tax authorities on foreign employees
  • Currency changes impacting salary

As the interaction of tax, immigration and social security issues is very complex and companies are focused on their core business, they often lack in-house expertise. Clear allocation of responsibility or efficient processes are needed to detect the risk exposure and take appropriate measures to address and mitigate these risks efficiently.

Mobile Workforce

Mobile Workforce

Your business doesn’t stop at borders and nor do your employees. KPMG works with you to unravel the complexities and manage your mobile workforce.

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