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Digital insurance world

Digital insurance world

Yves Seydoux explains which opportunities Groupe Mutuel hopes digitization will bring, how these can benefit insured individuals and which cooperation schemes are possible within the sector.


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Yves Seydoux

How does Groupe Mutuel address the challenge of digitization?

For us, this challenge means pressing on with the work that we began several years ago on modernizing and optimizing our information system. Addressing the challenge of digitization already forms part of this work, which focuses first on our internal processes and second on our sales network, and which will be followed up by our client management.

What specific risks does digital transformation bring for insurance companies?

Risks concerning data protection, the technical security of information systems and the increasing number of intermediaries and other players involved.

What opportunities do you expect to reap from digitization?

Better process management for insurers and policyholders, making it easier for policyholders to get in touch with their insurer via a multi-channel setup and more generous time slots, and an ability to access the administrative information in their file at any time.

Do you also see new forms of cross-sector cooperation?

Creation of a network among the various players in the healthcare sector, information exchanged electronically between healthcare providers, the cantons and the federal government.

How, in concrete terms, can clients benefit from the new technological possibilities?

Via our secure Extranet and with apps.

Should the legislator establish governance on technological changes? Are new regulations necessary?

There should be greater clarity on the rules governing electronic signatures, the protection of administrative and medical data in digital form and the minimum level of technical digital security.

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