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Clarity on Reinsurance - An industry in transition

Clarity on Reinsurance

As Switzerland’s reinsurance industry undergoes a significant transformation, reinsurers are responding at varying speeds to the changing landscape. "Clarity on Reinsurance: An industry in transition" shines a spotlight on some of the opportunities and challenges facing reinsurers today as well as providing insights into the actions needed to become the sustainable businesses of tomorrow.


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Clarity on Reinsurance

The publication features an interview with the CEOs of three leading Swiss reinsurers, in addition to a series of articles on critical trends, including:

  • Business model changes to adapt to the huge structural change in the industry – in particular to capture opportunities presented by big data, digitalization and rapidly growing economies
  • The rise in Mergers & Acquisitions as reinsurers seek scale and address clients’ preferences to deal with fewer, larger firms
  • The impact of Swiss corporate tax reforms and international transparency initiatives
  • Whether alternative investments such as infrastructure assets will succeed in becoming mainstream asset classes
  • The role of capital markets in encouraging diversification and changes to long-standing business models
  • The Swiss Solvency Test as a risk management tool amid changes to public disclosure and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment.

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