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The new way hospitals are financed and increasing cost pressure are challenging hospitals and other stakeholders.

The new way hospitals are financed and increasing cost pressure are challenging hospitals.

Switzerland’s federalist healthcare system is facing numerous challenges. The cost of healthcare is being pushed ever higher by the demographic trend, the increase in chronic diseases and advances in medical technology. The Swiss health system also continues to be rather opaque and unwieldy.

The new way hospitals are financed (revision of the Swiss Health Insurance Act) and increasing cost pressure are challenging hospitals and other stakeholders to ensure that they perform over the long term and survive in an increasingly competitive environment. Service providers must carve out a more strategic position, become more transparent and consider new models of care and payment.

Moreover, the various stages in the treatment process rarely dovetail enough with one another. As communication between the various service providers involved in a patient’s treatment pathway can be affected by lost data and the use of different media for the same information, there’s a risk of over-diagnosis or multiple treatment. This negatively impacts treatment outcomes, patient safety and costs.


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  • Strategy and processes: Strategic advice and legal support for structural changes (range of services, mergers, operational improvements, real estate and new buildings, IT and data security)
  • Financing (REKOLE® certification and coaching, Swiss GAAP FER, business plans, improving financial results)
  • Quality management: Increased transparency in terms of costs, processes and quality


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