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Regulations, capital requirements and digitization are among the challenges currently facing the banking industry. KPMG brings innovative solutions.

Regulations, capital requirements and digitization are current challenges.

Faced with tighter regulatory requirements, banks are being forced to evaluate their business activities to determine which are still attractive from the point of view of profitability as well as capital and liquidity costs. Agile market players are making use of this period of transformation to revamp their business models, sales channels and products. They are fine-tuning their offerings and cultivating new markets while also meeting the requirements of their clients.

KPMG is tracking and analyzing the latest developments in the banking sector, drawing on the strengths of its global network of over 40,000 financial specialists. We have more than 500 experts working in Switzerland. Our banking teams adopt an interdisciplinary approach and have close links both in Switzerland and abroad.


KPMG’s expertise

  • External Audit: In its role as external auditor, KPMG audits the annual financial statements of banks supervised by FINMA and assesses compliance with the provisions of supervisory law.
  • Digitalization/Outsourcing: KPMG assists financial service providers with the development  of digital and IT strategies right through to the transformation of their business models.
  • Governance/Internal Control Systems: As well as ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, KPMG also helps clients to design a proactive, forward-looking control system that adds value to their business.
  • Conduct Risk: KPMG assists banks in setting out clear rules preventing employee misconduct from jeopardizing their company’s earnings or assets.
  • M&As/Liquidations: KPMG is your leading partner for M&A deals such as mergers, succession arrangements, liquidations and company sales.


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New FINMA Circular 2018/03 Outsourcing – Banks and Insurers (PDF)

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