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Mobile Workforce Compliance - Open Roundtable

Open Roundtable with insights and discussions about Mobile Workforce Compliance, focussing on social security.

26 September 2017, 8:00AM - 9:00AM, CET Zurich, Switzerland


Your business doesn’t stop at borders nor do your employees. Being aware of all the international compliance implications - think of e.g. immigration, tax, social security, PE and payroll aspects - can quickly become too overwhelming for even the largest of multinational companies. Join us for an informal breakfast to discuss current mobile workforce compliance issues, including the latest challenges and opportunities arising from an economy driven by ever more globalization.

This time our focus will be on international social security. With the Swiss voting on the changes to the AHV on 24 September we wanted to take this current topic to discuss international social security pitfalls. The basic coordination rules in international social security are known and most Global Mobility teams have heard of a Certificate of Coverage and / or an A1. But the rules in international social security for more complex cases are not clear and with increased demands of transparency by national social security authorities being compliant has never been more important, leaving employers with challenging questions on how to guarantee the social security protection of their mobile workforce in an ever changing and more complex social security landscape. We will give an overview of the pitfalls and solutions that we have reached with the authorities and look forward to an open discussion with you covering such topics as multi-state workers, countries with no social security agreement and what is to be done with family members if an employee is working abroad.

Our last breakfast session was full of engaged and insightful discussions and we’re looking forward to seeing you at this latest edition of our Mobile Workforce Compliance Open Roundtable for more:

Date: Tuesday 26 September

Topic: Social security

Time: Between 8:00 - 9:00am

Location: KPMG Zurich, Badenerstrasse 172, 8004 Zurich

Our English and German speaking Mobile Workforce professionals will be available to share insights and answer any questions you may have concerning compliance and tax for expats and assignees.

  • Get insights on current hot topics and best practice regarding mobile workforce compliance
  • Rely on our many years of professional experience
  • Raise your questions and get first-hand answers
  • Meet peers to network and share experience

We’re looking forward to interesting discussions with you.


This is a client event. We thank you for your understanding that registrations from consulting and advisory companies cannot be considered.


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8am - 9am Open Roundtable
Meet our experts and network with peers

Date and Time

Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 8am - 9am

Event location

KPMG AG, Badenerstrasse 172, 8004 Zurich


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