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Our services

Our services

We develop tailored solutions for our clients and are in tune with the latest economic trends.

We develop tailored solutions for our clients.

Whether we work for a private individual, an SME or a large corporation – we provide clarity up for our clients

We develop tailor-made solutions in Audit, Tax, Advisory in order to satisfy our clients’ needs. Besides quality consciousness and a good understanding of the industries we work for, our business lives off our proximity to our clients. We offer services in the business lines Audit, Tax, Advisory and Financial Services.

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As auditors we not only deal with figures but also with information and security requirements. We work with national and international companies of all sizes and from all industries as well as with public sector organizations. Integrity, independence and quality are the principles our auditors apply when carrying out the audit process.

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KPMG Services: Audit


Using specially developed instruments, technologies and processes, we help our clients to optimally structure their tax situation within the scope of national and international regulations. Our international expertise ensures that tax issues are viewed from a diverse range of perspectives.

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KPMG Services: Tax


KPMG supports companies operating in a dynamic environment shaped by globalization and growth and enables them to both seize opportunities and manage risks. The statutory requirements are of central importance. Digitization and the associated theme of data security are increasingly gaining importance. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to offer clients innovative advice on business, regulatory, transaction-oriented, legal and IT-specific topics in every business situation.

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KPMG Services: Advisory

Financial Services

Financial Services follows and analyzes current events in the banking, investment management and the insurance sectors, assisting our clients as auditors or as advisors. We work in interdisciplinary teams and have close links both nationally and internationally.

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KPMG Services: Financial Services Hub

Corporate Center

The Corporate Center is the hub of our business development and provides our staff with the support they need for their front-line activities.

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