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How to apply

How to apply

First impressions count. Take time preparing your application so that we get the most detailed and comprehensive picture of you possible.

First impressions count. Take time preparing your application.

First impressions count! Take a moment to prepare application documents that are specific to the job and the business line for which you are applying. Make sure your information is as comprehensive as possible, so that we gain a detailed picture of your qualifications and interests.

Application procedures

Offering a comprehensive and transparent selection process that answers all of your questions is important to us. The process includes the following steps: 


Step 1: Online application

Step 2: Inspection and pre-selection

Step 3: Coordination with the division

Step 4: Invitation to an interview and online test or case study if applicable

Step 5: Second interview if necessary

Step 6: Potential reference check

Step 7: Decision and notification

Transparency from the beginning

By submitting a comprehensive application, you give us a more complete impression of yourself. You’ll receive an initial qualitative feedback within four days or less.

Check your application

  • Have you completed the application form? Your correct email address is particularly important so that we can contact you.
  • Does your cover letter explain why you would like to work for KPMG and want this position?
  • Does your CV contain details of your professional experience, education and other skills such as languages?
  • Have you documented all employment references, qualifications and certificates?

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The interview

During the interview, we’ll ask you about your expertise and experience. We want to know why you are interested in the vacancy and what motivates you to launch or continue your career with KPMG. If invited to a second interview, you’ll meet your potential team members - possibly over an informal team lunch.

Our offer

If you’ve convinced us that you are the right person for the job, we’ll call to make an offer. If you’re convinced that KPMG is the right firm for you, then just say "yes".

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