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Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

Sometimes it’s easier to further develop yourself in a new job. KPMG has a lot to offer you.

Sometimes it’s easier to further develop yourself in a new job.

Which role will you take on in the future?

We appreciate the fresh ideas, new approach and external perspective you bring with you from other companies. We offer you a dynamic and international working environment with an interesting portfolio of clients to allow you to further develop professionally and personally.

Assistant Manager

You have at least four to five years' relevant professional experience, have already managed your own sub-projects, can produce evidence of initial management responsibility and act confidently when dealing with our discerning clientele. You endeavor to constantly expand your understanding of the market and KPMG's services and deepen your expertise. You stand out with pronounced service orientation and a results- and quality-oriented way of working.


You have at least five years' relevant professional experience, have already taken responsibility for larger projects and have gained initial team management experience. Your strengths lie in the development and fostering of long-term client relationships and you endeavor to expand your professional network. You identify potential for multidisciplinary services and represent KPMG as a whole. 

Senior Manager

You have at least seven years' relevant professional experience as well as far-reaching project and management responsibility. You support our clients in solving their complex problems, understand their challenges from an overall company perspective and align new ideas to their needs. You develop new offerings and promote communication and the exchange of knowledge across teams and disciplines.


You stand out with your long-standing (around 10 to 12 years) professional and management experience. You’re prepared to develop sophisticated and complex solutions and are considered an expert both internally and externally. You manage your client mandates comprehensively and independently and assume responsibility for the entire company, its clients and employees.

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