Clarity on KPMG Switzerland – Annual report 2016 | KPMG | CH

The Swiss economy is currently in the midst of major restructuring. Driving the transformation, digitalization is not only disrupting national boundaries and those of entire industries, it’s also putting companies under enormous pressure to change. Additionally, even though the strong Swiss franc’s impact has subsided, it has clearly triggered companies to focus on accelerating the optimization and concentration of their key processes.

The new digital reality has profound implications for the work of audit and advisory firms. Accordingly, we are investing heavily in both digital innovation and engagements as well as ensuring that our specialists’ profiles offer state-of-the-art qualifications.

KPMG Switzerland achieved another good result in the last fiscal year. Taking into consideration both local and multinational companies, CHF 686.0 million was achieved in the Swiss market. Gross revenues of the Swiss firm rose to CHF 549.0 million (+1.5%).

Download: Full annual report (PDF)

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