Annual result 2015/2016 | KPMG | CH

Annual result 2015/2016

Annual result 2015/2016

In the past fiscal year ended 30 September 2016, KPMG Switzerland made another good showing.

The infographic shows the financial result attained by each function.


686.0 *

* Gross revenues include out-of-pocket expenses and services of subcontractors charged through KPMG Switzerland. Taking into account the services provided by KPMG for companies headquartered in Switzerland, revenues came to CHF 686.0 million.

549.0 *

* During the past fiscal year gross revenues of the Swiss firm rose to CHF 549.0 million. They include out-of-pocket expenses and services of subcontractors charged through KPMG Switzerland.


403.8 *


* Net revenues increased to CHF 403.8 million. They refer to services rendered by KPMG Switzerland.

202.0 *


* Audit posted a good year and succeeded in growing its net revenues to CHF 202.0 million in a highly saturated market. The main drivers include increasing the speed and efficiency of our decision-making and management processes on today’s projects and deploying the latest technology in order to glean valuable additional insights.

115.9 *


* At CHF 115.9 million, Tax ended the fiscal year nearly on a par with last year’s record high. Clients were particularly driven by the desire for a comprehensive understanding of the tax issues involved in critical reviews of value chains and transformation processes.

85.9 *


* With net revenues of CHF 85.9 million, Advisory slightly exceeded last year’s record high. Reorganization, increased efficiency and consolidation in finance, IT and purchasing were the most important growth drivers in Advisory, while compliance-related issues took center stage in Forensics. From the second quarter, Deal Advisory was able to provide guidance on several important M&A transactions.

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