The Swiss survey findings from KPMG’s global CEO Outlook Survey.

The Swiss survey findings from KPMG’s global CEO Outlook Survey.

Now or never

Nearly 1,300 global CEOs, including 50 from Switzerland, share their perspective on the unprecedented changes facing their companies and the world economy in the next three years.

70% *

The next three years

*70% of Swiss CEOs anticipate company growth of 2-10% over the next three years.

24% *

Sub-Saharan Africa

*Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the regions with the highest growth potential according to 24% of Swiss CEOs (USA 24% / China 26%).

76% *


*76% of Swiss CEOs rank cooperation with universities and research institutes as the most important driver of innovation.

No shortage of specialists*

*94% of Swiss CEOs aren't worried about experiencing a significant shortage of specialists over next three years.

Top three concerns

Swiss CEOs consider the greatest challenge to be the necessity to react quickly in increasingly complex situations. In particular:

World economy


100% are concerned about the impact that global economic forces have on their business.



94% are concerned that regulation inhibits the growth of their business.



94% of CEOs consider keeping pace with technological innovation to be a challenge.

For CEOs: It's now or never.*

*"The confidence of Swiss CEOs reflects the innovative strength of the Swiss economy. At the same time, the survey results show that there is an unequivocal need for urgent action in certain areas." Stefan Pfister, CEO, KPMG Schweiz

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Swiss CEOs show confidence

In the next three years, they expect to see substantial corporate growth.

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