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Transforming entrepreneurial families.

Transforming entrepreneurial families.

Recent research by the Family Firm Institute shows that over 70% of family-run businesses are planning to transition ownership to the next generation within the next 5 years yet many of these businesses do not survive into the second generation.

KPMG Enterprise along with the Ivey Business School and Dynamic Legacy have developed a 5-day rigorous program that is for individuals positioned to take a leading role in senior management, governance or ownership of their family business and ensure its continued success.

As part of the highly successful “Shift” family of programs (which includes QuantumShift and CommunityShift), FamilyShift participants will be exposed to concepts, learnings and ideas designed to enhance their overall ability to make a successful transition.

Relevant topics for the Next Generation in family businesses will be discussed, such as communication, accountability, governance, leadership and risk management.

Characteristics of the ideal candidate include:

  • High potential individual, positioned to take a leading role in family governance and/or family business senior management/ownership
  • Private growing family controlled business with annual revenue of at least $10M
  • Suggested minimum age of 25 years
  • Willingness to learn, share and actively contribute to the success of the program

The program will run from September 18 – 22, 2017 at the Ivey Tangerine Leadership Centre in downtown Toronto. Candidates are nominated through KPMG Enterprise and participants are selected by the Ivey Business School admissions committee.

To apply: please contact Bev Johnson or Perry Muhlbier. Nominations are being accepted until June 23, 2017.

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