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Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and Analysis

Monitor and measure the environmental and social impact of your business.

Monitor and measure the environmental and social impact of your business.

Sustainability is quickly moving from being primarily about corporate responsibility to a process that can create long-term sustainable value. However, in order to harness this value companies must have a clear understanding of its most significant risks, opportunities and material issues; understand the drivers of internalization and the environmental and social mega forces at play and have the right data-gathering processes in place with the right analysis tools and methodologies.

We can help you to:

  • Identify the environmental and social issues that are most important to your business, your value chain and your stakeholders (materiality analysis)
  • Benchmark your environmental and social performance against sector peers and highlight areas for improvement
  • Identify and develop relevant and robust targets and key performance indicators by which to measure progress
  • Review core non-financial processes across all functions and identify and implement changes if required
  • Develop and improve information management systems to measure progress against your strategy
  • Monitor and measure the environmental and social impact of your business and your value chain including carbon emissions, water use and waste
  • Assess your exposure to environmental and social risks including quantifying risks and opportunities in financial terms
  • Identify actions that will create or protect value for your business and your stakeholders in the long-term
  • Obtain insights from data analytics

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