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Pension Plan Audit Services

Pension Plan Audit Services

Dedicated pension audit teams increase quality and add value.

Dedicated pension audit teams increase quality and add value.

Companies often rely on their financial statement auditor to also audit their pension plan. While this approach is not necessarily wrong, it may not deliver the most efficient and cost-effective audit possible. Conducted by specialists with experience in pension-related challenges and issues, KPMG’s Pension Plan Audit Services brings a new level of assurance to the pension audit process.

Companies tend to select their general auditor based in part on industry knowledge. Pension auditing, however, requires knowledge of specific focus areas and risk exposures that industry specialists may lack. KPMG’s Pension Plan Audit Services leverages pension plan specialists and dedicated managers to help ensure pension audits address the full range of technical and compliance issues across every aspect of your plan. Our team comes to the engagement deeply versed in ongoing and emerging pension-specific accounting matters, diverse provincial regulations and special areas of pension audit risk, so training is never part of your audit spend.

We have also developed strong working relationships with pension plan administrators and custodians in the financial services industry.

It’s this unusual combination of centralization, specialization, targeted knowledge and risk awareness that lets us strive to make clients’ pension plan audits as simple, seamless, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

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