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Sarbanes-Oxley Strategic Sourcing Services

Sarbanes-Oxley Strategic Sourcing Services

We can help with the successful implementation and maintenance of CEO/CFO certifications.

We can help with the successful implementation and maintenance of CEO/CFO certifications.

KPMG's Sarbanes Oxley Advisory Services (SOAS) can help organizations with the implementation and maintenance of sustainable CEO/CFO certification process to achieve compliance with SOX 404, MI 51-109 or voluntary certification requirements through readiness assessments, documentation and testing assistance and sustainability assessments. 

In each of these services, we work closely with clients to establish compliance programs, transfer knowledge and provide training to support a successful CEO/CFO certification process. 

Readiness assessments are used to determine how well prepared the organization is to implement a CEO/CFO certification process. Documentation and testing assistance is designed to help management support their assessment of their organization’s compliance with CEO/CFO certification process. Sustainability assessments are designed to help clients evaluate and improve on their initial CEO/CFO certification process.

KPMG’s SOAS services can help clients:

  • Prepare for an initial compliance program that takes advantage of the most recent guidance to create a cost effective approach to SOX 404 compliance that is suited to the organization
  • Create clearer links between risks and management’s decisions and judgments about how those risks are managed through a company’s approach to ICFR
  • Reduce documentation and testing hours through the use of a more focused testing strategy that accounts for the impact of new or existing direct and monitoring entity-level controls and only testing process level controls that are directly related to identified financial reporting risks at the assertion level
  • Identify and implement year-on-year improvements to the SOX 404 compliance to reduce costs and improve effectiveness of a client’s on-going SOX 404 compliance efforts

KPMG' Global Services (KGS) offshore resources can be utilized in the delivery of SOAS engagements to allow our local professionals to leverage offshore resources in a cost effective manner. KGS provides professional services allows KPMG to quickly deploy specialist resources who can work seamlessly on cross-border engagements, to support key client opportunities.

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