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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

We can help establish effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices and systems.

Enterprise Risk Management

As companies worldwide address their stakeholders' new demands to enhance how they manage risks, they are giving Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) new consideration.

ERM services can help provide an organization-wide approach to the identification, assessment, communication, and management of risk. The ERM framework addresses five risk elements: risk governance, risk assessment, risk quantification and aggregation, risk monitoring and reporting, and risk and control optimization. 

KPMG can help facilitate and perform an enterprise risk assessment that identifies and assesses an organization's current risk inventory. We can also review and assess the current state of maturity of their risk management program, providing observations and recommendations for improvement.

We can help by offering:

  • Well-established, globally accepted risk management framework, and global network of professionals
  • Understanding of the client’s business strategies and related risks
  • Actionable and practical approaches to embedding ERM within the organization
  • Multi-disciplinary team to define the risk profile

We can help organizations:

  • Improve risk information needed to support strategic decision making throughout the organization
  • Understand risks and interrelationships to help drive performance, value, and brand
  • Get out in front on global regulatory change
  • Consistently identify and assess risks
  • Define risk governance structure with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Cleary align strategic objectives and organizational risks
  • Access information that supports risk-based performance measurement

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