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Continuous Auditing and Monitoring

Continuous Auditing and Monitoring

Management and internal audit departments continue to seek new ways to manage risk and improve performance.

Management and internal audit departments continue to seek new ways to manage risk and

Management and internal audit departments continue to actively seek new ways to gain access to valuable and timely information to manage risk and improve performance. Such efforts increasingly include Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring (CA/CM) of organizational systems, processes, transactions, and controls.

Companies who deploy Continuous Auditing (CA) can leverage technology to more efficiently analyze risk data on a frequent basis. This approach helps the detection of anomalies, outliers, inconsistencies and other factors to more efficiently focus audit resources.

Continuous Monitoring (CM) provides management with information on key performance metrics in close to real-time, allowing them to have better insight into issues as they arise, thereby improving their ability to manage risks and opportunities.

KPMG professionals can assist with all phases of the CA/CM implementation process, including among others:

  • Developing a CA/CM strategic plan
  • Building an effective CA/CM business case
  • Identifying key stakeholders and assisting with defining success criteria and related measurements
  • Performing risk assessment and data analytics to identify valuable CA/CM areas.

KPMG’s CA/CM Services helps bring greater efficiency, enhanced controls, earlier information, reduced complexity, and offer the following potential benefits:

  • A globally consistent, multidisciplinary team approach, integrated with Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Depth and breadth of R&C and Advisory functional skills to drive content development including an array of advisory, accounting, finance, tax, and technology professionals with deep industry knowledge
  • Objective and pragmatic advice to evolve a customized program
  • Ability to leverage alliances with key tool vendors for teaming

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