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Ediscovery Managed Services

Ediscovery Managed Services

Strive to save time and money with KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services.

Strive to save time and money with KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services.

How we Help

KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services help clients:

  • Keep control of their data
  • Reduce their total cost of ownership
  • Free up resources and IT infrastructure
  • Improve capacity and scalability
  • Ensure data residency and compliance with Canadian laws
  • Rely on certified Canadian professionals

KPMG’s Ediscovery Managed Services allow clients to focus on what they practice best.

Why choose KPMG's Ediscovery Managed Services?

  • Access to some of the best-of-breed software technology including kCura’s Relativity, Nuix and EDT while giving you control of your data
  • Helps to reduce traditional outsourced processing and hosted unitary fees
  • Aims to eliminate internal infrastructure and maintenance expenditures
  • KPMG’s team of certified Canadian professionals
  • Complement your in-house team, remotely or onsite, in most major Canadian cities
  • Canadian-based and owned secure Tier 3 data centre
  • Recognized as kCura’s “Best in Service” for exceptional customer service
  • Customized packages to suit your user and volume needs

KPMG's Ediscovery Managed Services offer the following standard packages:

Packages Users Volume
Quartz 15 users 1Tb
Ruby 50 users 3Tb
Diamond 100 users 5Tb

Who we are

KPMG’s forensic technology team, comprised of certified Ediscovery professionals, IT and IS specialists, lawyers, paralegals and litigation support staff as well as project managers, help clients use advanced analytics to find relevant information akin to needles in their haystack.

For more information and pricing, please contact Steve Bula.

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