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Strategy and Operations

Strategy and Operations

Our Strategy teams help our clients solve critical issues through deep market insight, rigorous financial expertise and implementation know-how.

Industry knowledge. Market insight. Strategic planning. Transformation support.

How we help

KPMG’s operational transformation teams help organizations develop efficient and effective operations to support strategic business objectives.

Enterprises today must contend with constantly-evolving macro trends, global issues and industry challenges. Our Strategy and Operations team starts with that big picture, before narrowing it to reflect your organization’s most pressing concerns, including growth acceleration, turnaround projects, organizational change management and leadership assessment. In addition, our organizational design experience helps you continuously improve and adjust business strategy to meet shifting market conditions.

Business Transformation

Realign your operating model to help reach strategic objectives, including operating model changes, organizational restructuring, process reengineering and IT systems transformation.

More than 40 per cent of major transformation projects are either late, deliver little to no value or substantially exceed budgets. Our Strategy and Operations team has deep experience and a successful track record at planning and executing large-scale change programs.


Aim to innovate continuously using a set of tools and methodologies that foster development across products.

Customer and Product Strategy

Strive to succeed at customer-driven initiatives by differentiating your value proposition, managing competitive churn and acquiring and retaining new customers.

Supply Chain Management

Aim to build a sustainable competitive advantage by mastering global supply chain operations to cut operating expenses, promote sustainability, improve cash flow and leverage capital investments.

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