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Technology Enablement

Technology Enablement

The ongoing challenge to do more with less has made utilizing technology very difficult.

The ongoing challenge to do more with less has made utilizing technology very difficult.

How we can help

Value-seeking leadership teams continue to search for business transformational opportunities enabled by technology. Yet with the multitude of technology options available, the pressure to grow the business, achieve cost efficiencies and mitigate risk requires specific assistance to navigate the best way forward.

Our clients face new opportunities and challenges in today's business and regulatory environment, and recognize that they can benefit from the disruptive nature of recent technological advances. Our clients continue to produce ever increasing volumes of data, and face an environment where both the speed and the importance of decision making continues to increase exponentially. Our clients understand that timely access to enterprise data, supported by leading processes and integrated applications creates a competitive advantage and enables their workforce to execute more effectively and win in the marketplace.

Our clients turn to KPMG's Canadian Technology Enablement practice for both unbiased strategic IT advisory services, as well as deep implementation capabilities across platforms including Oracle, Workday, Microsoft, ServiceNow and SAP.

KPMG is a business-lead integration firm. Our technology enablement team works collaboratively with our finance, HR and supply chain management consultants to help ensure that our clients receive a holistic solution for their transformational program needs. We understand that technology is an enabler, and that any technology investment must be made in a business context in order to create optimal value.

Our advisory team offers a broad range of technology enablement services that can help our clients achieve their goals:

Business Transformation Services (BTS): Create a robust business case and Enterprise Application strategy using the experience of an unbiased partner. Leverage our team's strategy frameworks and implementation experience to help ensure your organization has performed the appropriate level of due diligence, and validate your financial analysis with market data that our firm can provide. Protect your technology investments with our Program Assurance and Risk Management offering through improved risk identification and mitigation. Create a comprehensive approach to cloud adoption and mobile/digital.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Integrate disparate data sources, embed leading practice processes and leverage advanced reporting capabilities through the adoption of enterprise applications. Leverage KPMG's Powered Enterprise framework to embed leading HR, finance and supply chain processes, pre-configurations and controls. Enhance the value of your ERP by extending its capabilities into a rich mobile experience that will help innovate productivity across your organization.

Digital Workforce: Reimagine, personalize and mobilize workforce productivity by applying consumer grade innovation into your organization. Working with our Digital team, KPMG will apply motivational design principles and build rich employee experiences that will truly help enable your workforce anytime and anywhere

Business Intelligence: Aim to support your key decisions leveraging real-time enterprise data, synthesis between business unit and departmental data sources, forecasting and trending, and even predictive analysis. Access key business metrics, reports and dashboards on mobile devices and in the cloud, giving your people access to critical business information when and how they need it.

IT Service Management: Strive to improve the quality of your business operations by ensuring that your technology processes reinforce your business processes. Aim to increase the productivity of your staff by automating reliable, available, and automated IT services using leading cloud applications.

Enterprise Systems Implementations - SAP: In most implementations, companies focus on the system implementation and overlook the business transformation required for success—KPMG does both.

To learn more, please contact Michael Klubal.

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