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Integration and Separation

Integration and Separation

Deal value can be greatly enhanced with the right integration plan.

Deal value can be greatly enhanced with the right integration plan.

Creating speed-to-value

Deal value can be greatly enhanced with the right integration plan. Separating a business needs to be done with the utmost efficiency. Getting both right will create real, lasting value.

Both integrating and separating a business is a highly complex, multi-step process that requires advance planning and adequate communication. If done properly, both acquisitions and separations can result in long-term profit gains. These processes are both challenging and risky. Our professional experience can help minimize risk and maximize value.

Our highly trained professionals have years of experience across all industries and geographies who tackle key issues and help eliminate the unexpected surprises that sap value.

How KPMG can help

KPMG’s Integration & Separation team advises clients on executing the operational integrations of acquisitions or joint ventures, and separations of businesses, in the case of divestitures. ISA does this by taking an enterprise‑wide view of M&A deals, across all corporate functions, to deliver value to our clients in the form of the following services:

  • M&A Integration/Separation Due Diligence
  • Synergy and Cost assessments
  • Transition Services Agreement (TSA) Development and Management
  • Day 1 Planning and Deal Execution
  • Post‑Close Implementation and Transformation
  • Change Management and Performance Tracking

Planning is key

Our services tackle the most challenging deal aspects with:

  • Plans to mitigate risks and value erosion
  • Translation of key dependencies to help ensure businesses can function together or independently
  • Developing a strategy to help ensure that operational and financial objectives are aligned
  • Implementing and designing an organization in terms of its operational model
  • Analyzing the cost impact and how it needs to be aligned with business plan expectations
  • Helping to prioritize organizational change and communication throughout the process
  • Building not only a plan, but a team to deliver high performance throughout the process

Our leadership principles

For our clients, we:

Help enhance the world’s leading acquirers and sellers’ existing M&A processes and tools with industry leading practices

  • Give companies executing their first large deal the confidence and tools to “do it right”
  • Turn top-down synergy benchmark estimates into operationally feasible execution plans
  • Mobilize lean tools and methodologies that focus on results, rather than process for process’s sake
  • Help deliver an issue-free deal close leading into a results-driven First 100 Days and beyond
  • Deliver highly seasoned M&A professionals who are “doers” as well as “thinkers”


KPMG gets your company and personnel ready for success and value creation on Day 1. Our Integration/Separation professionals have developed an enhanced methodology to provide consistent global delivery and help generate enhanced value.

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