Infrastructure projects are demanding and complex. This is where KPMG's Infrastructure team thrives.

Infrastructure projects are demanding and complex

We thrive on complex, end to end infrastructure challenges that demand situational agility and unparalleled tenacity.

Our team is made up of today’s foremost infrastructure practitioners with deep experience across industries, disciplines, borders, and at all stages of an asset’s lifecycle. We custom create our teams depending on the unique requirements and challenges of each project. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients from beginning to end, and are only satisfied when a successful outcome is achieved.

With KPMG, you get:

  • Multi-disciplinary teams
    • We assemble customized teams drawn from the smartest, insightful and experienced infrastructure problem solvers in Canada – moreover, we are able to supplement these teams with a global network of over 3,000 infrastructure colleagues who are available to assist our clients
  • In depth knowledge and experience at all stages of the lifecycle of a capital project
    • We can help our clients anticipate and address major issues related to complex capital projects
  • Diverse industry background
    • We employ leading professionals across disciplines and sectors – including public infrastructure, mining, power and utilities, and oil and gas
  • We are recognized as a market leader within the industry:
    • 2016 Partnerships Awards 2016, Financial Adviser of the Year
    • 2015 IJ Global Awards for Excellence, Financial Adviser of the Year
    • 2015 InfraDeals, Global League Table - Ranked 1st
    • 2015 Inspiratia, Global League Table - Ranked 1st 

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