Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd.

Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd.

Creditor and stakeholder information

Creditor and stakeholder information

KPMG Inc. was appointed Receiver (the "Receiver") of Millennium Stimulation Services Ltd. ("Millennium") pursuant to a Receiver Appointment Order of the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta dated March 24, 2016 (the "Court Order"). 

Contact Information

Jennifer Kwok

Lexi Ng


Motion Materials

Affidavit of Tyler Malden, filed March 24, 2016 [PDF 7.3 MB] - 3/24/2016

Application Returnable June 6, 2016 [PDF 1.1 MB] - 5/30/2016


Court Orders and Endorsements

Consent Receivership Order [PDF 536 KB] - 3/24/2016

Sale Approval and Vesting Order (Century Services Inc.) [PDF 505 KB] - 6/6/2016

Sale Approval and Vesting Order (Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.) [PDF 238 KB] - 6/6/2016

Order (Service, Sealing and Distribution) [PDF 166 KB] - 6/6/2016

Order (CTS Sale and Vesting Order) [PDF 335 KB] - 4/25/2017

Order (Service, Sealing and Distribution) [PDF 131 KB] - 4/25/2017


Receiver’s Report

First Report of the Receiver [PDF 754 KB] - 5/30/2016

Second Report of the Receiver [PDF 2.1 MB] - 4/13/2017


Creditors Package

Form 87 [PDF 34 KB] - 4/01/2016

List of Creditors [PDF 45 KB] - 4/01/2016

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KPMG is acting as Monitor, Receiver and Manager, Liquidator, or Trustee in Bankruptcy

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