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Change is never easy.

Change is never easy.

What’s your this?


Is it matching your big ideas with even bigger business opportunities? Maybe it’s trusting your instincts, calculating the risks, and knowing you’ve got advisors you can count on when the countdown is on. No matter what your this is, when you face all that’s in front of you, with KPMG behind you, it makes all the difference. Let’s do this.

Nor are the private company tax rules. We can help.

If you're like most Canadian entrepreneurs, the influx of private company tax changes in recent years have bowled you over. When new legislation is announced, or issues arise, a timely and tailored analysis may make all the difference in protecting your business and personal investments.

KPMG's tax advisers help you stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly-evolving environment. We work closely with you to adapt, plan and develop custom private company tax strategies today that prepare you and your business for the tax systems of tomorrow.

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