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Transforming financial services into the future

Transforming financial services into the future

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It's been said the pace of change has never been this fast and that it will never be this slow again. This means that the financial services industry – like all industries – needs to do things differently. By being agile and responsive to the change all around us, there are opportunities to do things more effectively, more efficiently, and drive even more business value.

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KPMG's Digital Ledger Services focuses on business-case driven transformation, blended with Lighthouse development capability, for clients across industry sectors to explore applications of blockchain. The overarching goal is to decrease cost of operations, increase speed of transaction, and explore new sources of revenue for our clients.

We offer blockchain-based advisory services emphasizing use case development and prototyping by designing a strategic operation model with optimal control environment for exclusive industry and respective business requirements; with the prospective to incorporate regulatory guidance for data governance, and potentially conventional audit services such as platform audit and tax services.

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