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KPMG and ServiceNow - Security operations

KPMG and ServiceNow - Security operations

ServiceNow® Security Operations is a software solution that helps organizations respond to security issues and streamline remediation.


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ServiceNow Security Operations

Many organizations are turning to service management to automate workflows in important areas such as security operations. As a process IT departments commonly use, service management can also provide a consistent and automated way to fortify an enterprise. ServiceNow® Security Operations is a software solution that helps organizations respond to security issues and streamline remediation. Most importantly, the solution helps visualize and manage the security position for critical business services and IT infrastructure in a single platform to help reduce overall security risks.

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Opportunity to Boost Your Information Security

Information security risk comes from every direction. We all strive to prevent security breaches, but if they do happen, quick response is critical to reduce impact. Most organizations have solutions that monitor various systems for incidents and vulnerabilities. But these solutions are often not integrated with IT service management processes and tools such as the configuration management database (CMDB) and governance, risk and compliance (GRC). And there’s often no standard response method or centralized mechanism for tracking the full enterprise’s security position.


End-to-End Protection Approach

Organizations also must understand where the software fits into its overall risk position in order to fortify the organization in the best way possible. This is where KPMG security professionals can help.

The KPMG team does more than guide the ServiceNow Security Operations implementation. They use an approach to integrate with ServiceNow that provides a broad security services set from prevention to detection to response, to put organizations in a more efficient information security position to mitigate risk. The approach is backed by KPMG professionals’ experience with clients across industries and through every step of the incident response cycle. By integrating various points between systems, process and people, organizations can have access to valuable data analysis. Integrating with the CMDB allows the solution to prioritize threats that pose the greatest impact to the business, while useful dashboards and reports provide a broad risk view.

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