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Managing IT risks in a disruptive world

Managing IT risks in a disruptive world

Cross-industry perspectives on key ITRM issues and staying ahead of information technology risks


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Managing IT risks in a disruptive world

With the ongoing emergence of new technologies and ever-increasing regulatory requirements, companies across all sectors are seeing a heightened demand for an effective information technology risk management (ITRM) program. But many companies still struggle to establish and sustain a program to help identify, mitigate, and manage the technology risks they face and will face in the future.

KPMG assembled a group of cross-industries ITRM professionals to share better practices and explored some of the key issues they are facing with their ITRM programs, including:

  • Emerging ITRM practices and innovations in the ITRM capability – the challenges and opportunities they are facing
  • Building an ITRM program – the importance of ITRM, activities scope, required skills, functions integration, and more
  • Managing third party technology and information risk – the advantages and challenges in integration, and the techniques for identifying and managing the risk involved
  • Fostering an effective risk culture – the benefits and challenges of defining and implementing an effective risk culture
  • IT risk reporting and the boardroom interface – ways to provide boards and audit committees with reliable information and analyses

As companies face increasing disruption in the marketplace, changes in regulatory requirements, and adoption of emerging technology, threats to IT will continue to multiply. ITRM will continue to be a critical capability for managing related risks.

Find out in our publication or contact us to learn about how IT professionals can evolve ITRM from a support role to a truly value-adding function that helps companies meet the challenges of tomorrow’s disruptive business environment.

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