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Disruptive Technologies Barometer - Tech Report

Disruptive Technologies Barometer - Tech Report

New technologies are changing the face of the technology industry.


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Disruptive Technologies

Technology companies have always been at the forefront of disruption, as agents of change. But, as new technologies continue to disrupt their own sector, tech business leaders are striving to harness these innovations to run their organizations more effectively.

Canadian technology firms are no strangers to disruption. But there are growing signs that Canada’s technology leaders may not be fully prepared to take advantage of the new wave of disruptive technologies now emerging at home and around the world. In fact, this report suggests some may be falling behind their global and US peers.

However, while Canadian firms may not always be the first to apply disruptive technologies, our technology companies have often been leaders in their commercialization. With a clear strategy and mission for disruptive technologies, Canada’s technology firms have a unique opportunity, not only to leverage disruptive technologies within their own organizations, but also to create new applications, products and services on the back of these new technologies.

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