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Securing Industrial Control Systems against cyber attacks

Securing Industrial Control Systems from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks to ICS are on the rise. Organizations must improve their cyber security to safeguard their operations and products.


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Securing Industrial Control Systems from cyber attacks

Cyber attacks to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are increasingly common. Critical sectors like oil & gas, power & utilities, chemicals, transportation, mining, pharma and food manufacturing must improve their cyber security to help ensure availability and safety of their operations and products.

Typical attacks to ICS include:

  • Cyber-physical attacks including unauthorized changes in product specification, unplanned disruption of production or destruction of equipment, and unmanaged safety risks to employees and surrounding communities.
  • Industrial espionage attacks including the theft of confidential information on product recipes, key process data impacting efficiency and productivity, and bulk production and inventory data.

Why should Boards and Management be concerned?

Typically, visibility over ICS cyber risks and security capabilities is limited at the Board and Management level. Some operations teams can believe they are safe because they have safety systems in place, their ICS is air-gapped and not connected to other networks, their operation control rooms are staffed 24x7, or they still use old platforms and serial connections.

That is not enough. Recent cyber-attacks involving power plants, pipelines, steel mills, and other critical infrastructure have proven that these measures are not 100% effective to prevent disruption and destruction from cyber attacks.

KPMG’s Cyber Team can help you build a cyber-defensible position by:

  • Assessing your Risks and Capabilities, and set a roadmap to a defensible position
  • Improving your Governance and help bridge the gap between teams to reduce uncertainty over responsibilities
  • Building Assurance and continuous monitoring and reporting
  • Delivering Transformation by bringing in specialized knowledge, sound program and project management practices

Cyber Emergency? Contact our 24/7 Cyber response hotline:

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