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Cyber legal risk assessment: Yellow Team+

Cyber legal risk assessment: Yellow Team+

Assess your organization’s legal obligations and defences when it comes to Cyber Security with KPMG’s Yellow Team+


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Cyber legal risk assessment: Yellow Team+

Your legally defensible cyber position

Canadian cyber security legislations are changing, and organizations are expected to soon face higher costs, more rigorous regulatory requirements, and heightened pressure to demonstrate that they have a cyber-defensible position.

Focusing on technology alone in addressing cyber risks is NOT enough.

Effectively demonstrating a defensible Cyber position also means putting in place the right governance and supporting legal risk management processes to enable informed Cyber investments and decision-making.

KPMG’s Yellow Team+ approach is an industry leading assessment capability that can help you better understand the legal framework in which your organization operates. Our services can help you bridge the gap between actions taken to protect your information assets from unauthorized access/disclosure, and their associated defensibility in a legal and regulatory risk context.

Our Cyber Team will evaluate and test your organization’s defences using real world legal and regulatory breach response scenarios to more accurately gauge and address your Cyber legal risk within the three domains – prevention, detection and response readiness.

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