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KPMG Asset Management Tax Handbook

KPMG Asset Management Tax Handbook

Canada’s domestic and international federal income tax legislation


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The first edition of the KPMG Asset Management handbook is intended for business professionals with an interest in the Asset Management industry. It outlines the key provisions of Canada’s domestic and international federal income tax legislation.

Through KPMG’s assessment of the global industry we have identified five specific trends emerging from tax authorities that are influencing today’s tax environment:

  • increasing scrutiny in areas such as transfer pricing;
  • greater collaboration with other jurisdictions to identify and pursue tax evasion;
  • growing discomfort with aggressive tax strategies;
  • increasing tax burdens, particularly in deficit economies; and
  • increasing use of penalties as a source of revenue.

This handbook is a useful tax technical resource to help navigate through some of the tax fundamentals regularly faced by asset managers. We hope that KPMG’s Asset Management Tax Handbook assists tax departments in their endeavour to understand the embeded risks in the ever-changing tax policy landscape in order to make more informed decisions on day-to-day operations, as well as channeling it proactively and positively to create real value for investors.

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