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Chapter 4 - Impacts of the forthcoming insurance accounting contracts standard on regulation

Ch. 4 -The impact of accounting changes on regulation

One of the most significant challenges for the IAIS has been the lack of a consistent basis of accounting applied across jurisdictions.



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The impact of accounting changes on regulation

For the first time since we began publishing this report, we are finally close to having an international financial reporting standard (IFRS) for insurance contracts that will require consistent accounting, providing the ability to analyze results more meaningfully across entities and jurisdictions. The standard will be one of the most complex issued by the IASB and its implementation will not be straightforward, particularly for those insurers that issue long-duration insurance contracts

The impact of accounting changes is the fourth chapter of Evolving Insurance Risk and Regulation, and provides a general overview of the forthcoming IFRS and outlines the key aspects of the standard. We also provide our perspectives regarding the efforts to create a globally consistent accounting framework for insurance contracts and discuss how this could in the future interact with the IAIS’s work.

This chapter is just one of a series on Evolving regulation. Click on the promo box below to read more.

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