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Chapter 3 - Evolving insurance risk and regulation: Preparing for the future

Ch. 3 - Evolving insurance risk and regulation

In this chapter of the Evolving Insurance Risk and Regulation report, we examine the regulatory environment and impacts within over 40 countries.



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Evolving insurance risk and regulation

As the world becomes smaller, thanks to technology, and where large firms operate across many jurisdictions, it is ever more important to understand the dynamics in each market – what risks are dominant in a particular region, and how national and international regulations are shaping the industry.

The analysis covers over 40 counties and considers how local insurance regulatory regimes are developing to comply with the international core principles (ICPs), as well as providing an overview of important prudential and conduct initiatives. The evolution of risk-based capital (RBC) regimes is a consistent theme.

This chapter is just one of a series on Evolving regulation. Click on the promo box below to read more.

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