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Targeted attack review

Targeted attack review

Targeted Attack Review can help identify weaknesses within systems and processes where cyber criminals can exploit and access your most sensitive data.


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What is a targeted attack?

A targeted attack aims to gain access to a specific system which typically contains an organization’s most sensitive data, or to perform a particular activity, such as an unauthorized transaction, typically of a sizable amount.

These are frequently sophisticated attacks that have been planned over long periods of time, often bringing together social engineering, malware and system and process vulnerabilities to gain insight into weaknesses related to the people, process and technology that they can then use to exploit their attack. These attacks can be global, national, against a defined industry or targeted to a specific organization.

KPMG’s Targeted Attack Review can help your organization determine how deep within your infrastructure a cyber criminal can penetrate and gain access to your most sensitive data, or most sensitive functions. This can involve the assessment of minor or seemingly trivial weaknesses that can be aggregated and exploited to create a material breach.

Our Targeted Attack Review provides:

  • Sensitive data/process identification
  • Technical review
  • People assessment

We understand the importance of an organization’s crown jewels, and will customize the scenarios, attack formulations and tests. Our approach will be focused on the processes and layers of security technology around your crown jewels.

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