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Red Team+

Red Team+

KPMG Red Team+ utilizes intelligence capabilities for hands-on security assessment to help identify operational cyber threats.


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Red Team+ adapts to the reality of changing threats

The current cyber threat landscape is highly irregular and can range from state sponsored actors to highly sophisticated criminal organizations. KPMG’s Red Team+ approach is a fluid and dynamic process that adapts to these asymmetric threats and learns from their tactics, techniques and practices.

An industry leading, intelligence based capability, Red Team+ supports hands-on security assessment to help identify and provide greater visibility into cyber operational threats. Based on threat intelligence, we develop a threat profile which identifies the potential attackers and their most likely and most dangerous forms of potential attack. This tailor-made approach of combining threat intelligence with specific testing aims to provide a more realistic picture or your organizations’ security posture, allowing you to make informed risk decisions on areas requiring remediation.

Red Team+ Key Services:

  • Cyber attack simulation
  • Social engineering
  • Penetration testing
  • Remediation efforts

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