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Cyber Incident Simulation

Cyber Incident Simulation

KPMG’s cyber incident simulation service helps examine your organization’s current incident response capabilities to better manage cyber incidents


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Cyber Incident Simulation

Are you ready to manage a cyber incident?

Cyber threats are increasingly complex and their effects are readily amplified through social media and a 24-hours news cycle. While organizations can attempt to manage a crisis as it evolves, the likelihood of success of this approach is low. This is often compounded by the use of untested incident response plans or poorly defined organizational responsibilities.

KPMG’s cyber incident simulation service helps your organization examine its current response capabilities to better prepare for and manage cyber incidents.

With proven experience in incident response, crisis communications, operations and incident response planning, our cyber team will test and assess your people, plans and processes by creating custom scenarios for your organization that replicate the challenges of real cyber incidents.

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