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Compromise Assessment

Compromise Assessment

KPMG’s Compromise Assessment reviews your organization’s infrastructure to identify, detect and respond to the latest and most advanced cyber threats.


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Identify, detect and respond to the latest and most advanced cyber threats.

In today’s cyber realm, threats from petty criminals, hacktivists, organized crime syndicates and nation states often leverage 0-day vulnerabilities, custom malware and specially crafted attack tools that can infiltrate systems while evading detection.

More than ever, organizations looking to establish a cyber defensible position need to understand the evolving threat landscape, assess and determine response capabilities.

KPMG’s Compromise Assessment is an independent review of your organization’s infrastructure, systems and applications to identify indicators of compromise, back-doors, unauthorized access and opportunities to further improve incident detection and response capabilities.

By helping your organization better understand your cyber defensible position, our Compromise Assessment will help you identify, detect and respond with optimal effectiveness to the latest and most advanced cyber threats.

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