Audit Trends 2016: Targeting transformation

Audit Trends 2016: Targeting transformation

Disruptive market and industry trends

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Audit Trends 2016

In a world of increasingly disruptive market and industry trends, ACs must deal with changing expectations, growing risk responsibilities and a rapidly evolving oversight environment.

Across the board, disruptive trends are transforming the AC’s mandate. For example, ACs are becoming more vigilant and knowledgeable in their oversight of cyber security to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the field. At the same time, their own internal approaches and processes are changing as complex standards up the ante around reporting and regulatory compliance.

Managing these responsibilities, and many more, in an era of disruptive change is an AC challenge as well as a priority. As ACs strive to address critical emerging issues, KPMG’s global audit team contributes an insightful new report to the conversation: Audit Trends 2016: Targeting transformation.

Examining four key trends AC members should focus on in the coming months—technology risk, geopolitical and macro risk, the future of corporate reporting, and regulatory complexity—this report is a critical tool and reference point for AC members and concerned audit stakeholders.

Audit Trends 2015

Audit Trends 2015

ACs face an evolving oversight environment and must deal with a range of challenges and risk responsibilities

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