KPMG Transport Tracker - March 2016 | KPMG | CA

KPMG Transport Tracker – March 2016

KPMG Transport Tracker - March 2016

Transport Tracker looks at the rising M&A investments in transport startups, the impact of falling fuel prices and more.


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KPMG Transport Tracker - March 2016

Transport Tracker - March 2016

Global Transport Market Trends & Views

This sixth edition of the KPMG Transport Tracker has a special focus on the rising M&A activities and investments in transport startups, analyzing the impact of falling fuel prices on airline operating models and discussing the challenges ahead for logistics companies amidst growing competition from tech giants and startups. 

Articles and key insights include:

Market Fundamentals – A look at the main reasons for sluggish growth in 2015, including a slowdown in emerging market economies, geopolitical crises and more.

Shipping & Sea Freight – We expect to see larger mergers and restructuring efforts across the globe in 2016, as a recovery is not in sight.

Aviation – The impact of falling fuel prices on individual airlines has not been universally positive, depending on their hedging strategies. While low oil prices seem to benefit full service carriers, what opportunities do low-cost airlines have to respond? 

Express Logistics – The major competitive advantages of tech giants & startups are their technological ability and innovative agility – characteristics that a number of traditional logistics companies are currently lacking.

M&A and startups – Acquisitions made are increasingly to serve business models transformation and to compensate for slower market growth. Further, as logistics startups continue to enter the market, transportation and logistics companies are at risk of losing their most important asset: the customer interface.

Case Studies

  • Transport & Logistics start-up scan
  • IT Systems Consolidation Strategy and Business Development for European Airport

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