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Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2015

Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2015

The Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2015 survey and report look at what manufacturers can do to stay competitive in a global marketplace.


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Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2015

Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2015

The time to invest is now

Our Canadian Manufacturing Outlook survey of over 200 executives shows that for the third straight year sales growth is their top strategic priority. The time to invest in growth initiatives, such as expanding to new markets and developing new products, is now.  If Canadian manufacturers don’t act quickly there is a very real risk of losing ground to global competitors.

Executive Summary [PDF 2.65 MB]

The time for investment has come, but Canadian manufacturers still seem reluctant to take risks. Our three most significant findings take a look at which areas could benefit from more investment.

Growth and Innovation [PDF 2.65 MB]

Slow and steady isn’t winning the race, but how can manufacturers pick up the pace? A change of strategic focus to areas such as new markets and boosting R&D investments can help ensure they aren’t left behind.

Integrated and Cost Effective Supply Chains [PDF 2.65 MB]

When effective supply chain communication and collaboration happen, information replaces inventory. The results can help manufacturers become leaner, more efficient, and more competitive.

Strategic Priorities [PDF 2.65 MB]

A focus on talent is important for manufacturers executing on innovation strategies because, to achieve success, many of the same people are needed from the blueprint stage through to launch.

Key Takeaways [PDF 2.65 MB]

Top tips for what Canadian manufactures can start doing to help them stay competitive in a global marketplace.

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