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INSIGHT: Who controls our infrastructure?

INSIGHT: Who controls our infrastructure?

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INSIGHT: Who controls our infrastructure?

Given the existing infrastructure gap evident around the world, it also seems fairly clear that governments and public infrastructure authorities are going to need a lot more private participation in the future. But as the private sector takes on an increasing role in the delivery, funding and operation of our infrastructure, new and complex questions are starting to emerge.

Who exactly controls our infrastructure?

It’s an important question and one that will influence the relationship between governments, taxpayers, regulators and the private sector for years to come. What is already clear, however, is that the shift of control towards the private sector is starting to create new challenges and complexities for infrastructure authorities, governments, regulators and investors around the world.

In the latest edition of Insight Magazine, we try to answer some of these critical questions. For this edition, our network of infrastructure professionals sat down with the world’s operators, owners, investors and regulators to explore some of the big challenges and trends influencing the debate around control.

This edition also includes a Special Report on Rail, which brings a much-deserved spotlight onto one of the fastest growing – and most dynamic – sectors of infrastructure today.

Key articles in this edition include:

  1. Going where the opportunities are: The evolving world of infrastructure Investment
  2. Understanding investor motivation: Over of a roundtable discussion By James Stewart,Global Infrastructure
  3. Learning from History, Preparing for the Future By James Stewart, former CEO of Infrastructure UK, Larry Blain, former CEO of Partnerships BC in Canada, and John Fitzgerald, former interim CEO of Infrastructure Australia
  4. Benchmarking the tolling sector By Stephen Beatty, Americas and India Head of Global Infrastructure
  5. The key to megaproject success: Start with a strategic view By Gary Webster, Global Head of Capital Projects Leadership
  6. Alternative funding and financing of rail projects By Ian Flanagan, KPMG in the US, & Stephen Prendiville, KPMG in Canada

Insight: Infrastructure Morality

In this version of Insight Magazine, we discuss 'infrastructure morality', a topic becoming more complicated as private sector involvement increases.

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