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What Works - Paths to population health

What Works - Paths to population health

Health needs are changing rapidly, but healthcare systems are failing to keep up, in part because providers believe that the drivers creating today’s fragmented services can somehow end the fragmentation. Healthcare providers must, instead, reshape themselves by focusing on the needs of patients in a coordinated way.


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What Works - Paths to population health

This report describes the practical steps that organizations need to go through to reshape themselves and their services. We look at both coordinated and accountable care – systems designed across a defined population. These practical steps are outlined using eight starting questions that we found organizations need to systematically address to achieve coordinated care. The maturity matrix demonstrates how to self-assess your organization. For those organizations that are leading the way, they are featured in the accompanied case studies.

  • Is there a shared understanding for the journey?
  • Is the right governance in place?
  • Has the target population been identified?
  • Does that population actively support the change?
  • Is there strong supporting infrastructure in place?
  • Are the incentives aligned and flow of funds understood?
  • Are new approaches to care delivery in place?
  • Is there a supporting technology platform?
  • What is to be done?
  • Is your organization ready?

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