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Transforming Insurance

Transforming Insurance

Global research exploring digital technology on the insurance business model




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Transforming Insurance

The insurance industry is at an inflexion point. The digital revolution is transforming the way insurers, reinsurers and brokers do business, impacting the entire value chain. Rapidly emerging technologies are crucial enablers and must be applied with rigor and clarity of vision. Organizations and those who lead them must be at the ready – as the new environment requires us to be focused, fast and flexible to take advantage of what is ahead.

In Transforming Insurance: Securing competitive advantage, we share highlights of our recent global research and explore the ways in which technology can help players in insurance markets transform their capacity to identify trends, plan, collaborate and rapidly respond, adapt and thrive. Based on our research and interviews with insurance leaders globally, the report reveals five inter-related issues insurers and intermediaries are facing, how to:

  1. Operate in an increasingly digital world
  2. Make the best use of the vast amounts data now available
  3. Tame the challenge of legacy systems
  4. Keep the business secure given increased cyber threats
  5. Attract and retain the people needed to drive the change this implies

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