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IPO Readiness

IPO Readiness

An initial public offering (IPO) is not without its challenges.



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IPO Readiness

Like any initiative that brings long-term rewards, an initial public offering is not without its challenges: complex accounting rules and reporting requirements, pressures on time and resources, and managing new stakeholders — the board, shareholders, and, possibly, new management. But you can confidently face the challenges of an IPO, in Canada or in another market, if you are well informed and prepared for what lies ahead.

What is IPO Readiness?

The objective of KPMG's IPO Readiness Services is to assist our clients in assessing their readiness to go public and continue as a public company and to remediate gaps identified during the assessment.

Our methodology and approach

Our IPO Readiness Assessment framework will help you evaluate your company's readiness for IPO, tailored to the areas that are most relevant to you based on where you are in the going public process, and prioritize actions in the run up to your IPO. The areas of focus include accounting and financial reporting including tax matters, corporate governance, and processes and systems.

Our end-to-end approach to providing IPO readiness services follows separate phases that include initial assessment, designing templates, tools and processes, and implementing the changes. Our established approach helps provide for an effective and efficient process to manage the IPO process and document key decisions.

IPO Readiness Assessment deliverables

Our assessment will culminate with a report that provides:

  • A high level roadmap to executing a successful IPO, including: 
  • Gaps identified in the areas of focus
  • Actionable recommendations and work plan to remediate gaps identified
  • Plan to assist our clients in prioritization and monitoring of tasks and milestones to be achieved

Based on the IPO Readiness Assessment results and the discussion in our report, we will work with you to prioritize alternatives for your consideration and tailor our approach to address gaps and implement recommendations to assist you in your objective of a successful IPO and continuing as a public company.

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