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Chemical companies are looking to generate value and revenue, in addition to cutting costs, while operating in and among complex global supply chains.

Chemical companies are looking to generate value and revenue, while cutting costs.

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The Chemicals industry is complex, comprising many different businesses, including base, consumer, specialty and fine chemicals producers, and is also part of the supply chains for the automotive, electronics and other industries.

Adding to this complexity is the uncertain economy, which is presenting significant challenges for chemicals producers. For instance, supply chain management is becoming increasingly important as companies look to generate value and revenue in addition to cutting costs.

Whether you are a specialty chemicals producer with operations in Canada or a global player with significant asset investment, our network of Chemicals industry professionals can help you find ways to:

  • Manage profit margins
  • Deal with mergers, acquisitions and disposals
  • Integrate sustainability and the environment in your day-to-day operations
  • Enhance your supply chain
  • Build foundations for the future through innovation
  • Address environmental sustainability
  • Attract and retain talent.

Using their industry qualifications and experience, our Chemicals practice professionals can help you recognize and make the most of the opportunities that arise as the chemicals industry develops.


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