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Understanding the Canadian context through a global lens.

Understanding the Canadian context through a global lens.

Operation Ready Defence ERP

The backbone of today's defence capabilities

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National Defence continuously faces a myriad of new and complex challenges - from maintaining the best possible defence capability notwithstanding budgetary constraints, to integrating and supporting new state-of-the-art platforms into their order of battle. In Canada, the context of Defence itself is also being redefined to better align with the priorities and policies of a maturing national identity, without sacrificing our responsibilities and obligations to our allies and the global community.

KPMG’s Global Network of Defence professionals have a strong history of assisting National Defence departments to help transform business processes and better organize and manage their underlying capability support infrastructure such as maintenance, logistics, ICT, procurement, and facilities to obtain optimal capability outcomes. Our dedicated, passionate and highly-experienced professionals couple domain knowledge and functional knowledge to help tailor smart, creative and forward-thinking solutions.


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