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Wealth Management & Investment Advisers

Wealth Management & Investment Advisers

KPMG draws on extensive industry experience to help wealth managers manage consolidation, improve tax efficiency and enhance regulatory compliance.

Extensive industry experience in consolidation, tax efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

Manage industry and product consolidation

Although wealth management remains a lucrative sector for financial institutions, margins are coming under greater pressure. Investor demands for more hands-on relationships, capital preservation products and better fee transparency mandate more innovative approaches to product development and customer service. At the same time, wealth managers and investment advisors must meet increasingly stringent compliance, reporting and disclosure obligations while navigating the ongoing trends towards industry consolidation.

KPMG & your business

With extensive experience in the wealth management industry, KPMG can help you manage industry consolidation, improve your multi-jurisdictional tax efficiency and meet the evolving needs of a globalizing market.

Risk & regulatory transformation

Assist in enhancing compliance with regulations such as FATCA and IFRS, meet the demands of global tax authorities and improve your risk management and reporting capabilities.

Operational transformation

Help you respond to rapid changes in the global distribution of wealth by adopting flexible business models, rationalizing unprofitable clients, streamlining internal processes, disposing of unprofitable businesses and taking advantage of M&A opportunities.

Customer experience & digital transformation

Help attract high net worth clients by enhancing your social and mobile strategies, targeting global opportunities, using data analytics to segment your customers and creating more personalized investment experiences.


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