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Liquefied Natural Gas in Canada

Liquefied Natural Gas in Canada

KPMG in Canada works with Canadian and global businesses to unlock the potential of LNG in Canada.

We work with Canadian and global business to unlock th potential of LNG in Canada.

Key issues for Canadian LNG projects

Canada has an opportunity to be a world leader in global LNG supply owing to its proximity to Asia, its stable and supportive political environment, its vast reserves relative to domestic demand and its pre-existing Asian upstream investments. However, the opportunity is not without challenge; Western Canada projects that will appeal to shifting investor and Asian buyer priorities and interests will have to be cognizant of three imperatives: 

  1. Clear alignment with buyers’ needs and acquisition of offtake agreements
  2. Timely project development and stakeholder management
  3. Careful cost control and optimization to help avoid the pitfalls of other jurisdictions.

KPMG in the sector

We have a deep understanding of the LNG industry, policy and regulatory dynamics complemented by extensive live major projects procurement and delivery experience, both in Canada and globally. Our combination of deep industry knowledge, proven track-record and dedicated team make KPMG in Canada a preferred partner to help support you in managing risks and guide you through complexity.


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