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Consumer Markets - Retail

Consumer Markets - Retail

Retailing isn’t facing disruption…it’s already disrupted.

Retailing isn’t facing disruption…it’s already disrupted.

Today’s connected consumers are always “on” and looking for the “best” experiences. This seismic shift in “always being connected” behaviour is promoting retailers and restaurateurs to deliver the right experience to the right consumer, precisely when and where they want them, while constantly innovating to make their experiences authentic, personal, memorable and worth sharing across social media channels.

Consumers’ expectations of quality, speed, value, selection, and service are being set by their experiences across all industries and channels. How well a company is positioned to copy and compete with changing business landscapes will be determined by how well they adapt their conventional business practices and incorporate new capabilities.

Some of the latest trends that we are working on with our clients include:

  1. Distributed Commerce – the “buy here and now” approach
  2. Predictive analytics – using data to effectively inform strategy and understand consumer behavior
  3. Pricing – explore ways to maximize your profits, without losing the “price game”
  4. Artificial Intelligence – “digital shipping assistants” or “virtual personal shoppers”
  5. Payments – creating a friction-free experience

At KPMG it is important to us to work with our clients to help develop strategic steps for successful business transformations. We strive to help you adapt and capitalize on the trends being set by today's rapidly changing environment.


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